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ஆசிரியர்: பாட்டுச்சித்தர் ஓம்சக்தி நாராயணசாமி சீர்காழி

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Siddhas giving initiations on various spiritual practices (sadhanas) step by step to help their disciples and seekers to achieve the state of eternal consciousness is dhasadheeksha. These initiations begin from the knowledge of the physical body to the knowledge of the soul in ten steps, which gives the name dhasadheekshai (dasa- ten, dheekshai – initiations). These ten initiations change the seeker from a mere animal in human form to an all knowing siddha. This upadesa (sharing of knowledge) is to create an awareness of the upadeha (subtle body) present in ourselves.
"Udambai valarthaen uyir valarthaen” (as I empower my body by spiritual practices my soul gets empowered with it) says Thirumoolar in his Thirumanthiram which is considered as the tenth tantra. First we should know where the spirit is to enrich it, so also is to know the location of mind to control it. Hence dhasa dheeksha is the step towards knowing where and how body, mind and soul are present and what are the ways to train it to achieve enlightenment. The entire cosmos was created by the divine in the form of light.

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பாட்டுச்சித்தர் ஓம்சக்தி நாராயணசாமி சீர்காழி :

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