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People in the present millennium are smart enough in many aspects. They try hard, harder and hardest to come up in life.
They know and practise the following Nine ‘HOW’s.
How to get more degrees
How to acquire more skills
How to exploit people
How to earn more money
How to amass more wealth
How to get quick promotions
How to climb to high status
How to become popular in the society
How to become powerful in all spheres of life
Unfortunately and pitifully they do not even try to know and practise the following one ‘HOW’:
How to keep the ever powerful Environment safely?
Global warming phase is getting over soon. The next phase is going to be Global Heating. In that phase human population may dwindle and only a scarce population will survive from the disaster. In my opinion, the damages to the Environment are directly proportional to the health level of mankind. The prevailing Health status (better to say ILL HEALTH status) itself is the proof for this.
In 32 chapters many aspects on the superb nature of the Environment and its importance on human health are illustrated in this book. It is the duty of every citizen to protect the environment, particularly with a view that we should live with robust health and more so our future generation also should live with good health.

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டாக்டர். சி. எஸ். ராஜு :

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