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Our old system concentrated on knowledge, understanding SEKTA application. Competency is a new term for us. UNESCO al On underlines the Four pillars of Education for the 21st century as
1. Learning to know 2. Learning to Do 3. Learning to be 4. Learning to live together
This book gives all round essence of all great things from the world of Parallel Education that happened in History. The aim of this book is to encourage the teachers to learn all the above four pillars and actively participate in the 21st century education
Ayesha Era. Natarasan is a distinguished writer of Childrens Literature, Translator. Science critic, Eminent scholar And Educationist. He has post-graduate degrees in Physics, Psychology and Education Management and a Education. Author of 72 Books in Tamil and 12 books in English (42 of them are for children) He was with the UNICEF INDIA as one of the Master Resource Persons for RTE (India). He had trained thousands of teachers across India and abroad. As a dedicated Teacher he has received "Dr. Radhakrishnan Award' from the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2008 and the 'Bala Sahitya Puraskar Award' (For Best Childrens' Literature) in 2014.

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