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In the world of politics, some questions still remain unanswered. If you happen to be a journalist and start out determined to find an answer to all these questions from the most elite of politicians, I am sure you will end up finding different answers for the same question. To be frank many of us even do not have the answers. Well, to be very frank we did not care to find an answer. One can connect the reasons behind the death of three eminent politicians (Mahatma Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi) to a single reason. One can see that the people behind dropping atom bombs in Hiroshima and hitting Twin Towers with planes must be from the same family. One can understand why is there always only two political parties clashing in every state and never more than two. One can clearly see why every movie and news project only Islamic men as criminals, terrorists and not even a single Hindu or Christian or for that case any other religion. One can understand how War in one country and Prices in Share market have immediate connection. One can understand the reason behind the sudden decrease of birth rate in many countries. Pharaohs were the Kings of ancient Egypt who built the pyramids. They saw people as expendable slaves, killing millions of them and using them to build one of the world's wonders. Seeing that from now we do feel a bit pity for those million dead but all that stays and will stay into history is the person and the wonder he built
The world is moving towards a similar strategy where every one of us have been a slave but in different hierarchy. Yes it is a bit difficult to accept but we truly are. To know who these Current-Pharaohs are, what is that wonder they are building using us and how we can find our way towards freedom, kindly take time to read this content. You have in your hands a 40 Page-life-changing-content.

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